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Here at Lessonplace, we help students from all walks of life, age, and gender, learn and improve their English. We are American Native English speakers that specialize in helping you feel more confident when speaking, writing, communicating at the workplace, over the phone, and in social settings. Today’s new “Pandemic Economy,” Learning English is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Services We Offer

  • Student Network

    This is a network where you will be able to learn and communicate with Tutors as well as other Students.

  • Business English Course

    Learn how to communicate in the corporate world. Whether you are operating your own business abroad or working for a multinational company.

  • 1-On-1 Lessons

    Book lessons with Tutors and manage your lessons and bookings. You can do this from the Student network website.

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After signing up, you will automatically become a member of the social community site.

Business English Course

After signing up, you will also gain access to this course where you will learn Business & Workplace English.

Book 1-On-1 Lessons

You can book private lessons with Evans Ojwang or other teachers within this platform. Its all based on availability.

Founder/Primary Educator

Evans Ojwang

Hello Friends! My Name is Evans 🇺🇸 I am 34 year old Native English Speaker from The United States Of America.

🏀🏋️‍♀️📱🏝🦒📚 I enjoy playing Basketball, going to the gym, Technology, Traveling, learning about and seeing the Animals of the world, Learning and teaching others what I have learned, and learning about different cultures and people.

🙌 I am a TEFL and TESOL ESL English Teacher that seeks to inspire learners of all ages and professions by providing them with knowledge, encouragement and support!

If you want to improve your English because of work of Business, I CAN HELP YOU. If you want to improve your English because you are traveling or plan on traveling abroad, I CAN HELP YOU.

if you have issues with Sentence Structure, American Accent, Vocabulary, and or Understanding American English, I CAN HELP YOU.

🥇My goal is to help students learn English Successfully and be able to hold conversations anywhere in the world! I focus on Business English and “Day-To-Day” English that you can use to communicate at work and outside the workplace.

I strive to help you become fluent and more confident when speaking.

🤩 I create fun and exciting classes and also have a practical and simple way to learn English. Learning a new Language is not easy and it takes effort from you even outside of the lessons we have.

🙏 I look forward to helping you improve your English by becoming your English Teacher! See you soon!

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