Frequently Asked Questions

What is your method of teaching english?

Our method is simple. First we assess your Speaking, Comprehension, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, etc. We then put together a virtual plan unique to you.

Can a student book more than one hour a day?

Yes they can as long as the times they book are available on the teachers calendar. You can book back-to-back classes or different hours separated during the day. For example: 1 hour at 10:00am and another hour at 5:00pm.

How do we pay for lessons?

You pay for your lessons through our chaeckout page and sometimes an Invoice based on how you landed on our website. We use Stripe and Paypal as a payment portal. These are very safe ways to pay online.

Do you teach people who don't speak any english?

No. We cannot teach anyone who cannot first, understand the teacher. Students first need to at-least understand writing and some speaking.

how do you handle rescheduling lessons?

All a student has to do is request it or it can be done 100% by the student as long as the new time is available. We encourage only rescheduling if you HAVE TO, because just like your time is important, ours is as well.

Do we have to join the Student Network in-order to become students?

Yes, the Student Network is an inexpensive must have. This is where you can book Private lesson and get weekly video lessons by Evans and other tutors about Phrasal verbs, slang, grammar, common vocabulary, etc.

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