About Us


We Opened for Business in 2016 and are continually growing at a rapid pace. Lessonplace.net helps people around the world Improve their English. We help anyone who wants to improve professionally and socially in this new society we live in where you can communicate with anyone worldwide.

The companies new Legal Entity is Get Seen, LLC. We also Help Business Owners with Digital Marketing worldwide along with helping people improve their English so they can grow professionally in today’s global economy.

We strive to help every student become more confident in speaking the writing the English Language. Let us help you gain this new “Skill” so you can flourish in todays new economy. 

Our English Teachers

Along with Evans Ojwang, we have other teachers that you can also book lessons with. All you have to do is check their profile and if it suites you, and they have availability, then it will make sense to book time.

We have the same methods of teaching the English language no matter which teacher you pick, but obviously every teacher is an individual and they are unique in their own way.

We are all from the United States and are Native speakers of English but we live in different parts of the country so you might hear some of the teachers have a different accent or style of speaking.


Evans started teaching in 2012 informally and formally in 2016. He grew up in the Seattle area where he attended High School, Junior College, and later CWU where he pursued an IT & Administrative Management Degree.

After college he managed to start a Real Estate Business along with other ventures. Around 2016, Evans was employing a hand full of people in the Philippines and noticed it was hard to find good English speakers abroad who wanted to work in The United States virtually.

This is when he started teaching, not only internally but externally. Teaching English is a passion of his because he believes that with the new technology available, for example social media, xoom, etc; we are going to have more of a “World Economy” where everyone does business with each-other no matter the location.

The unifying language, depending on your views, fortunately or unfortunately is English.

How We Conduct Business During Covid-19

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have dedicated ourselves to doing business as safe as possible. The safest possible way is doing everything Virtually. All of our Teachers will teach virtually and obviosly the students will learn virtually. We don not conduct any in-person tutoring or teach in a classroom setting. Everything we do is 100% Virtual.

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